Community APIs


Important: You must update your integration by January 6, 2019.

We have launched a new Developer Portal to enhance our offering to community developers. In order to maintain service, please read our migration guide.


We currently have three community APIs available for World of Warcraft, Starcraft II, and Diablo III. You can browse and try out these APIs on the API Docs page.



The community APIs are able to return data in JSON format with optional JSONP support if you provide the right parameter. You can test this out on the API Docs page.



The data available through the API is limited to the region that it is in. Hence, US APIs accessed through will only contain data within US battlegroups and realms. Support for locales is limited to those supported on the community game sites.


All of the API resources provided adhere to the practice of providing localized strings using the locale query string parameter. The locales supported vary from region to region and align with those supported on the community sites.

To access a different region just provide the locale=pt_BR (for example) query parameter.

Example URL for the europe character race list localized in French:

Region Host List

RegionHostAvailable Locales
US en_US
Europe en_GB
Korea ko_KR
Taiwan zh_TW
China zh_CN
South East Asia* en_US

* Please note that SEA only has endpoints for Sc2 game data and oauth profiles.

Authentication and Throttling

All authentication is done via Mashery. Any previous API keys should be considered deprecated and will only be usable on the old hosts while they remain active. Please refer to our migration guide for information regarding moving from the old API hosts to the new ones. Currently registering on this site is all you need to do in order to use our APIs, track your usage, and integrate Login with into your sites.

Consumers of the API can make a limited number of requests per day. You can see your limit and view your current usage on your account page.