Character Renders


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Character Renders

Several renders are generated and made available on the web when a character logs out of World of Warcraft.

The available renders are:

The URL for a characters avatar can be composed using the below format:


We do not currently offer the composed string for inset or main, however, these strings could be composed by parsing the string from character.thumbnail.

Fallback Images


The static render CDN has the ability to serve fallback images for avatars that are requested but do not exist.

The filename for the fallback is of pattern {raceId}-{genderId}.jpg.


Name RaceId GenderId Path
Human Male 1 0 /wow/static/images/2d/avatar/1-0.jpg
Human Female 1 1 /wow/static/images/2d/avatar/1-1.jpg
Orc Male 2 0 /wow/static/images/2d/avatar/2-0.jpg
Orc Female 2 1 /wow/static/images/2d/avatar/2-1.jpg